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Incontrol - On High In Blue Tomorrows (VS-i-0001) “On High In Blue Tomorrows” rocks in a darker and more aggressive way than its precursor and adds a new facet to the EmoRockWave Wall of Sound that is Incontrol. Melodies meet walls of guitars, soft delay sounds hit on hard drums, intricate arrangements get together with straight rock, airy meets earthy. Not just because of this, the new record sounds quite a bit more noisy, with walls of guitars thicker, darker and heavier than before.
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Incontrol - Tired Of Armageddon Forecasts (VS-i-0002) In Spring 2008 Incontrol entered the Cyclops Killer Studios in Dortmund to record three tracks for a new EP. The three tracks are very conceptional. The lyrics deal with Tom Forensico´s disfavor for conspiracy theories.
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