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Monocular - Somewhere On The Line (VS-i-0003) The profoundness and range of Monocularīs debut album "Somewhere on the line" is writ large in its complex songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener. The artist duo Jan and Nic Koray present a collection of 13 Songs which are characterized by filigree and athmospheric electrosounds, combined with the charismatic vocals of the singer Nic Koray, all in all creating an extraordinarily melancholic and thought-provoking music having no equal.
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Monocular - Water Shape (EP) (VS-i-0004) Where bands like Lamb or Frou Frou left a gap in the late 90s and early 21st century, Monocular redefined the sound and set new standards in developing their complex music by connecting charismatic vocals with entrancing soundscapes. The first EP consisting 3 unreleased tracks (Consequence, Ravenclaw, To Admire The Life)
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Monocular - Pine Trees (VS-i-0013) Dreams are not reality, of course not. But without dreams the world would look different. Because every thought can lead to an action and every new action creates a new reality. So in a way, it is the small things that produce great outcomes. Or, as Monocular put it, "Tiny is the new tall | Close your eyes and see it all".
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