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"Every single moment, every tiny bit of life is part of a journey - like it or not - this is, what fascinates me so much. Wherever you go, wherever you hide you are part of the journey, moving forward through space and time, through the countryside, along the edges of your mind, into the corners of your heart, from face to face, from place to place, from highway to hiding places, whatever... I could go on like this for ages. At any given moment - each and everyone of us is a Traveller. That drives me mad, makes me happy and drives me mad again!" That´s what Nic Koray said, when I asked her why she wanted to call the new album Traveller.
This basic musical homelessness combined with a very strong need to make music ("Music is always in me and I must let it out somehow - if not, I´d burst!") made her start to learn guitar, drums and a tiny bit of the piano and then on to the field of songwriting. "I don´t even write the songs, you know, I just let them drop by, they fall from the sky, and I just have to pick them up again - that´s it really." Now all aboard the Traveller, they´re setting off for spreading good songs among the people and invite them on a journey that´s taking place right now, in each and every moment, always.
Welcome on board!

01. Happy Birthday
02. Angel
03. Everything
04. Sinners
05. Liars
06. Not Ready Yet
07. High Spirits
08. Carolina´s Tree
09. Talk It Over
10. Postcard
11. Traveller


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